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Traffic Tickets 

Facing a Traffic Ticket? Let Us Help You Navigate the Legal System with Confidence!

At Smith Dominguez, PLLC, we understand that receiving a traffic ticket can be stressful and overwhelming. Whether it's a speeding ticket, a red light violation, or any other traffic citation, the potential consequences can impact your driving record, insurance rates, and even your livelihood. That’s why it’s crucial to have experienced legal representation on your side.

Why Choose Smith Dominguez, PLLC for Your Traffic Ticket Defense?

  1. Proven Track Record of Success

    • Our team of skilled attorneys has successfully defended countless clients against a wide range of traffic violations. We know the ins and outs of the North Carolina traffic laws and court system, ensuring the best possible outcome for your case.

  2. Personalized Legal Strategy

    • We believe that every case is unique. That’s why we take the time to understand the specific details of your situation and develop a tailored defense strategy that addresses your needs and goals.

  3. Experienced and Knowledgeable Attorneys

    • With a wealth of experience handling traffic ticket cases, our attorneys bring knowledge and skill to your defense. We stay updated on the latest changes in traffic laws and court procedures to provide you with the most effective representation.

  4. Aggressive Defense

    • We are committed to fighting for your rights and interests. Our aggressive defense tactics aim to reduce fines, points on your driving record, and other potential penalties. We strive to get your charges dismissed or reduced whenever possible.

  5. Convenient and Accessible

    • We offer walk-in consultations every Wednesday from 10 AM to 6 PM, allowing you to get the legal advice you need without the hassle of scheduling an appointment. Simply bring your ID and your traffic ticket, and our team will be ready to assist you.

  6. Bilingual Services

    • Hablamos español. Our Spanish-speaking attorney is available to ensure that language barriers do not stand in the way of getting the legal help you deserve.


Our Comprehensive Traffic Ticket Services Include:

  • Speeding tickets

  • Red light and stop sign violations

  • Reckless driving

  • DUI/DWI defense

  • License suspensions and revocations

  • And more...


Don’t Let a Traffic Ticket Disrupt Your Life

Time is of the essence when dealing with traffic violations. The sooner you act, the better your chances of minimizing the impact on your driving record and avoiding costly fines. At Smith Dominguez, PLLC, we are here to provide the strong, effective defense you need.

Contact Us Today:

📞 Call us at: (919) 390-3521

Text us at (833) 450-2121

📍 Visit us at: 4822 Six Forks Rd, Ste 102, Raleigh, NC 27609

🌐 Directly schedule your consultation at:

Don’t face your traffic ticket alone. Trust the experienced attorneys at Smith Dominguez, PLLC to fight for your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Contact us today and take the first step toward resolving your traffic ticket issues with confidence.

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